ARP Women’s Ministries Glossary of Terms

Presbyterial : Women’s Ministries organization of a particular  Presbytery

Presbytery Representative: a member of the ARP Women’s Ministries Board representing the women of a Presbytery without an organized Presbyterial

Executive Board: the group of women named in the Constitution of ARP Women’s Ministries to plan and organize the activities of the denominational Women’s Ministries and provide resources for the local women’s ministries..

Executive Committee: the President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parlimentarian of ARP Women’s Ministries. This term, in other contexts refers to a committee of Synod.

Woman’s Synodical Union (WSU): the former name of ARP Women’s Ministries.

Annual Meeting: The once a year meeting of ARP Women’s Ministries during which the organization elects officers and approves other recommendations of the Executive Board.

Family Bible Conference: a conference cosponsored by CEM and ARP WM. More information is available at the CEM website.

Synodical Hall: the building owned by ARP Women’s Ministries at Bonclarken and used for (among other things) for Board meetings, special events and the storage of historical materials.

Silver Tea: an event held during Family Bible Conference to raise money for the upkeep of Synodical Hal

Partner in Ministry: an award which recognizes any person (male or female) who has contributed in a significant way to the work of Women’s Ministries at the local, presbytery, or ARPWM level. A Partner in Ministry pin and certificate are presented to the recipient.

Life Membership:  honors an ARPWM member who has contributed in an outstanding way to the work of the church at the local, presbytery, or ARPWM level. A Life Membership pin and certificate are presented to the recipient. It is given only once to an individual.

Love Gift:  given to show love and appreciation to an individual and may be given more than once. A certificate is presented to the recipient.

Memorial: given to honor the memory of a faithful church member. A certificate is provided for the local church to give to the family.

Jubilee Birthday: A celebration and offering to support designated women missionaries of the ARP Church

Women of the Church: A name used, predominately in the past but still used by some for a local Women’s Ministries organization

Circle: a small group within a Women’s Ministries group that meets, generally monthly, for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship.

Synod: The highest court of a Presbyterian denomination. In the ARP Church there is one Synod for the US and Canada. Synod meets in early June.

Oasis: A time of refreshment, physical and spiritual, held by ARP WM for women who are present during Synod.

CEM: Christian Education Ministries, the Christian Education agency of the ARP Church.

Right Now Media:  a site for online training to which CEM subscribes and which is utilized by ARP Women’s Ministries

ARP Magazine: the magazine of the ARP Church which is financially supported and contributed to by ARP Women’s Ministries.  The articles by ARP WM are specifically designed to provide information and encouragement to ARP women throughout the denomination

Pink notebook: the handbook for ARP WM Board members.

Old blue notebook:  the handbook used in the latter years of WSU.