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Types of Gifts:

  • Partner in Ministry
  • Life Membership
  • Love Gift
  • Memorials

Here are descriptions and guidelines for giving various gifts and honors through Women’s Ministries:


  • Partner in Ministry: $75.00
  • Life Memberships: $50.00
  • Memorials; Love Gifts: $25.00 each

Certificates for above gift/honor are issued individually, so if married couple is honored, two Certificates would be issued.

Partner In Ministry

A Partner in Ministry honor shall recognize any person (male or female) who has contributed in a significant way to the work of Women’s Ministries at the local, Presbytery, or ARPWM level. A Partner in Ministry pin and certificate are presented to the recipient. This honor is given only once.

Life Membership

A Life Membership shall honor an ARPWM member who has contributed in an outstanding way to the work of the church on a local, Presbytery, or ARPWM level. A Life Membership pin and certificate are presented to the recipient. This honor is given only once.

Love Gift

A Love Gift shall be given to show love and appreciate to any individual, male or female. A Love Gift certificate are presented to the recipient. This gift may be given more than once.


A Memorial shall be given to honor the memory of a faithful church member, male or female. A Memorial certificate will be presented to the family of the person being honored. A Memorial may be given by more than one person/circle/church, and may be given more than once.

All gifts and honors are to be sent through the Local Treasurer who then sends it on to the Presbyterial Treasurer. The Presbyterial Treasurer or Historian will then send the appropriate certificates to the local church.

A list of recipients of all gifts and awards from each Presbyterial is to be sent to the ARPWM Historian who then sends it to The ARP Magazine for publication.

Presbyterial Histories

Presbyterial histories should include:

  1. President’s report to the Annual Meeting.
  2. Program of Annual Meeting.
  3. Minutes of Annual Meeting; all Board Meeting minutes.
  4. Annual Treasurer’s report.
  5. Annual Committee Chairman reports, if any.
  6. Programs for special workshops and/or Presbyterial Retreats.
  7. List of deceased members.
  8. List of Certificates/Pins presented by Presbyterial and Local Churches.
  9. Women’s Ministries Report given by Presbyterial President to Presbytery Meeting.
  10. Pictures of special events (be sure to keep copies for your own file).
  11. Copy of any news articles covering Presbyterial or local Women’s Ministries issues/events.
  12. Short written history of Presbyterial.
  13. List of Presbyterial delegates sent to Annual Meeting, along with a listing of jobs the Presbyterial women were responsible for during the Annual Meeting and/or Family Bible Conference.
  14. List of Presbyterial Officers.

Two (2) copies of the history of the Local church must be included.

Encourage each local church to write the history of their church.

All reports should be printed on acid-free paper.

Local church histories are to be sent to the Presbyterial Historian within two (2) months after the year closes.

Presbyterial Reports are due to ARPWM Historian within two months after Presbyterial deadline.

Please contact your local, Presbyterial, or ARPWM Historian with questions. They are glad to help you.