Missions and Outreach

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Outreach (Links of interest):


Women Connecting To Women

Ideas for local outreach.

  • Do you live in a neighborhood? Invite your neighbors in for tea, coffee, lunch, or just to talk. Share recipes! Don’t worry about an immaculate house – fellowship is what is important.
  • Are you a young mom? Form a childcare co-op in your neighborhood. Schedule play dates for the children and fellowship for the moms.
  • Elderly neighbors? Offer to drive them to doctors appointments. Drive them to the grocery store, or, offer to shop for them. Volunteer to run errands for them.
  • Invite neighbors to church and offer to pick them up.
  • Take advantage of local volunteer opportunities at a local shelter or food bank; crisis pregnancy centers; women’s shelters; prisons.
  • Christmas – have a cookie exchange!