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Make plans now for the ARP Women’s Ministries Annual Meeting on October 14 in Bonclarken. We have a full day of wonderful activities planned. The morning will feature seminars, including ARP 101, Overview of the Abraham Bible Study, Treasurer’s Workshop, Stretch and Praise, and T-shirt Bags for the Homeless. Our theme this year is, “Our God is Holy.” Our meeting, with special music and speaker, will be in the afternoon, following lunch. Check the ARP Magazine Sept./Oct. issue for more details.

The Family Bible Conference was a wonderful week of teaching, worship, and fellowship. Libby Elder, our Spiritual Life Chairman, gave a seminar on teaching the 2018 Bible Study, and Rev. Matt Lucas of Reformation ARP Church in Hendersonville gave the morning Bible lessons. Rev. Neil Steward was the evening preacher, focusing of covenant theology. The Showcase, organized by ARPWM, was well attended and informative. All the Bible studies, worship services, and Libby’s seminar, will soon be available for viewing on our website under ARP WM Videos.

ARP Women’s Ministries will begin a Care Partner program with freshmen women at Erskine this fall. Each girl who wishes to participate will be paired with an ARP woman for support, encouragement, prayer, and sharing. We are excited about this opportunity to support the freshmen women in this way. If you would like to be a Care Partner, please email Rebekah Thomas (rkthomas323@gmail.com) soon!

A Retreat was held this spring in Virginia Presbyterial, with approximately 100 ladies attending. The two-day event featured wonderful message from Nicki Koziara of Proverbs 31. Following out ARP Women’s Ministries Annual Meeting, many Presbyterials will be holding their own annual meetings. Please check with your Presbyterials to see when these are taking place so you can make plans to attend!

MAY 2017

In Canada Presbytery, Representative Jennifer Hovestadt reports that the 11th Annual 1Accord Ladies Conference was held in February, with about 50 women attending, ages 16 through 90! They had a speaker and discussion on coming along side other ladies in the church. Kathy Brown, a local Christian Councilor, talked on how all women are able to council because we all have with same view of the cross. The ladies were reminded that God commands us first to love Him and then to love others, and that by obeying these commands we can bring comfort, encouragement, admonition and council to those in our families, churches and friends.

Catawba Women’s Ministries has set a goal for this year of providing more efficient communication with and between local churches through a website redesign. Check out their new website at cwmarp@wordpress.com. They also are working to clearly define the mission and responsibilities of Women’s Ministries at the local level.

The CWM Annual Meeting was held on 12 November 2016 at Columbia (SC) First. Dr. Derek Thomas, Senior Pastor, preached on 1 Chronicles 16: 23-31; there were also presentations on the use of music in worship and practical lessons on hospitality. The CWM Retreat took place on Feb. 22-23 in Bonclarken with Suzanne Matthews speaking on Prayer Bootcamp. Over 200 ladies attended; it was a wonderful time of fellowship, learning, and encouragement!

First Presbyterial Women’s Ministries conbined their Fall Retreat and Annual Meeting at Bonclarken in November 2016. The theme was “God’s Marvelous Grace” and the keynote speaker was Barbara Duguid, author of last year’s study book, Extravagant Grace.

Kristin Shoger, member of Synod’s Dunlap Board, is working on getting information out to churches so that more people within the ARP know about the fantastic things being done for Orphans and Orphan Care. Orphan Sunday is November 12, 2017, in ARP churches.

The ladies of Florida Women’s Ministries met in Sebring First ARP Church for their Annual Meeting. Their Annual Retreat took place on March 3-4, 2017, at the FFA Training Center in Haines City, FL. This central location helped encourage ladies across the Presbytery to attend. Pam Stanley spoke on the Gift of the Spirit and His gifts to us. They conducted a gifts survey, which yielded some surprises!

Tennessee/Alabama Presbyterial Union attended the 2016 ARPWM Annual Meeting virtually via the live stream. Ten ladies took advantage of the broadcast, and collected an offering for the Jubilee Birthday missionaries.

The TN/AL Annual Meeting was held in November 2016, with the theme, Seasons of Grace. Two ladies – a young single woman and an empty nester – shared how their walk with Christ is progressing. Missionary elected Michael and Laura Cochran were able to provide an update, as well as anticipating how the Lord will use their family.

The Annual Retreat was February 24-25, with Barbara Duguid speaking on God’s Extravagant Grace. Eighty-one women from nine different churches attended. TN/Al WM is also planning “Summer Sisterhood” activities this summer.

The women of Virginia Women’s Ministries have been busy during the fall and winter. The Annual Meeting was hosted by Lauderdale Church on October 22, 2016. It was announced that a Hymn Sing sponsored by Virginia WM in September raised $495 for repairs to the Virginia Cottage at Bonclarken. There was a Meet and Greet on December 10 at Wood Grill in Harrisonburg for lunch and then shopping at the Green Valley Book Fair. The women of Virginia WM continue to keep in contact with their college students, visit those in nursing homes, and provide sunshine bags to the sick and shut in of the local congregations.

The Annual Retreat was held on April 21-22, 2017, with a speaker from Proverbs 31. Susan Tanner, editor of the ARP Magazine, also spoke.

The Lauderdale ladies had a Baked Spaghetti Dinner on March 15 with a guest speaker, and the women of Old Providence at planning a Family BBQ Meal on May 18.

Virginia WM is reaching out to the new mission churches in their presbytery, offering support for their women.

The Lord has greatly blessed the Women’s Ministries of our Presbyteries this year! We look with anticipation towards what will follow!

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